Reason to Start Your Own Business in 2019 The interview with C.E.O of KGS Brand

Today is a special day where I get to speak in a interview with Kadeem Samuels, one of my childhood friends  from South Florida where we will be speaking on Why You Should Start Your Own Business in 2019. This is such an Important topic because, recently we have just witnessed the government shutdown that affected millions of employees across our nation. This catastrophic event raised eyebrows on how just having a job is not sufficient enough for working class citizens. Owning a business has been more important than ever. Creating an online business has become a trendy new way to bring in additional income. This is a crucial time for young millennials and other upcoming generations to realize there is a plethora of opportunities to achieve their dreams with out huge upfront costs.

This will be a special segment for the Disquize brand and the KGS brand respectively. At 10pm I am inviting everyone to join us for this highly anticipated interview of episode 2 Reason to Start your own Business, which will be shown on Instagram live. I would like to give a special thank you to the KGS Brand for having me on tonight's special live segment. 

Instagram: deem_kgs

Instagram: lyfe_expozed



Kadeem Samuels: Owner of The KGS Brand EST.2012



Lee Chery- Owner /C.E.O of DisQuize 





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