About us

 Disquize is a fashion brand created under Lee Chery's known main content brand  "You Wouldnt Understand". Disquize was created to give people a unique luxurious look while standing out from the usual crowd.

Growing up in a working class family, Lee couldn't afford the prestigious brands he always dreamed of While living in south Florida. Growing up, One of lee's dreams was to always design a fashion label that was different and unique. After graduating high school, Lee attended several colleges such as, Nova Southeastern University where he majored in biology for a year  and returned to school where he moved to Atlanta, Georgia and graduated from Georgia State University with a biology degree. After graduating college, Lee realized that he had a greater purpose in life, and that purpose was Disquize. 

"Even though I spent time in school learning about biology and hopes of getting into dental school, my true passion was always in the arts, fashion and working with at-risk youth" - Lee Chery

"My goal is to inspire people that want to live and experience the best of what life has to offer, and I believe Disquize is the brand that will make you feel as If you are riding in a Rolls Royce in a 1996 Nissan Altima".-Lee Chery

"Everyone is just in Disquize"- Lee Chery