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Artists in DisQuize Special Edition

Artists in DisQuize Special Edition

Ever since I've been in Atlanta, the Lenox Mall has been a popular spot to network with artists and Entrepreneurs. To be honest if it wasn't for Lenox mall I would of never met some of the artists that help me shape Disquize. Around the summer of 2018 I was walking around Lenox mall meeting various artists from rappers, singers and even upcoming actors. However one particular group of young men were walking where I crossed paths with them, then later at the food court, one of the artists ask me for a favor which was a funny situation that I will forever keep between me and Jay Killah. From there, we exchanged information and I found out that these two young men were extremely talented after checking out both of there singles.

I would like to present these young men that go by the name of F.B.E out of the southside of Atlanta.


Check out FBE the Label - Finessin for A Blessin Ent. TM

Instagram- lilbran_1

Instagram- jayykillah

Instagram- fbethelabel


 Booking & features: 404-452-8758



Atlanta, GA



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