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A Special Thank you

A Special Thank you

For about almost six months I've been working on my logo for DisQuize. Last year I met a young man named Rasheem through my younger brother. We communicated and I agreed for him to work with me through this journey to make the best possible logo for my brand. I admired his patience throughout the long process of me trying to figure out what to add to the logo. In the beginning, I released the classic logo you see today with just the face and the words Disquize across the eyes. I was satisfied how brother sheem designed it but, for some reason I felt like I needed to add more features to the logo. For the past two months me and sheem were working hard to agree on how to make the Disquize logo the best possible logo and we finally completed a masterpiece which will not be released anytime soon.

I would like to thank Sheem for his diligence and his dope design of the logo and I know I can be indecisive sometimes and I appreciate your patience brother sheem!

Logo Design Edits- Rasheem Callender



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