The Boss Experience

I first met Rick Ross back in 2016 at one of his Wing-Stop locations in Atlanta. Unaware of the fact that one of the biggest bosses in hiphop was going to make an appearance I was not prepared for this day. After making an order of a 10 piece boneless with blue cheese dipping sauce, I was casually just preparing to eat lunch after a hard day of studying, 15 minutes later I look outside and I see about three all black Mercedes Benzes park in front of the store. As I am looking, a short and stocky bodyguard walks in to scan the area which at that time I did not now, I realized this after I met the Boss. Five minutes after, I see rick ross come in the store  .

If anybody knows me Rick Ross is one of my favorite rappers from the south. And growing up in South Florida, I was able to witness his rise to the rap game when he dropped one of his popular singles "Everyday Im Hustlin". When He came up to me he was already taking mental notes and I know he was all about business and since at that time I did not have anything to showcase I was embarrassed and DisQuize was not active at this time. Even though he realized I had nothing to show, he changed the way I looked at life, he left me with motivation to aim higher in life and I would like to say thank you brother for the words you shared with me at that moment!






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