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Check our first featured R&B Artist

Check our first featured R&B Artist

If anybody truly knows me they would know I am very critical when it comes to music. Even though  I love Hip Hop to the core, I also enjoy listening to R&B. About a month ago I attended a artist talent showcase in Atlanta where various artists from the local Atlanta area were given an opportunity to perform. Saying that the showcase was electrifying is an understatement as artists back to back were putting on stellar performances. During the showcase, there was one particular artist that was called up to the stage to perform, when she came up to the stage, she looked laid back and soft spoken and I didn't know what to expect. When she started singing I was instantly in tuned with her sound. Her soft smooth vocals struck me and I immediately couldn't wait to feature her.

I am inviting everybody to check out IMANI!

Check out her dope single These-Violets on SoundCloud

click LISTEN NOW on our featured artist section and check out her amazing BIO

"Everyone is just in DisQuize"

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